​What We Believe  We

Our 3 core values are simple. Here's what we, at The Car Stereo Company, live by daily:

1. Open and honest communication -- What's the #1 rule in relationships? Always tell the truth and nothing but the truth. We follow the exact same rule and will never lead you astray. And it goes both ways, so always ask questions or let us know your thoughts. We take feedback humbly and kindly.

2. Uphold integrity -- Never compromise ours, never compromise the vehicle's. It's our goal to do what's right for you, your vehicle and our team's beliefs. Maintaining structural integrity of your vehicle is a must. One of our mottos: If your car is a classic, it stays a classic. 

3. It's about education -- In-car technology and processes can be a difficult subject matter to grasp if you haven't been properly informed of the methods, tools and skill sets involved. We like to engage our customers to the fullest--not just put the time into your vehicle, but put the time into helping you learn more. 

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