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​​​New Ownership, New Times 

Since 1977, The Car Stereo Company has been offering customers with unique services, geared towards their personal tastes, styles and preferences. Now, under new ownership since 2015, our goal is to not only to offer an extensive product line from top mobile electronic manufacturers, but to ensure that your customer expectations exceed the standard. It's 2021, and the digital era presents technology changes and challenges. But, we are ready to help you defeat those challenges. 

We've developed a one-of-kind method to satisfy your craving for a taste of modern in-car technology: Through the execution of thought-provoking concepts, multimedia creativity, and the most advanced engineering, your vehicles transform from providing simple transportation to riveting experiences. 

The Car Stereo Company aims to keep the passion of sound, technology and workmanship thriving and innovative in the heart of Silicon Valley. So, whether your project is minimal or time-extensive, we ensure high-quality performance, educational awareness and experiences you'll never forget.